Monthly Boat Hull Cleaning and Inspection

Monthly cleaning is essential, specially in warm South Florida waters, because produce heavier than normal marine growth which accumulates on your vessel.

Monthly hull cleaning offers a variety of benefits to your vessel, including:

Improved Performance – Whether you’ve got a sailboat or powerboat. Monthly hull maintenance will reduce resistance and improve vessel acceleration.

Extended Vessel Life – Regularly scheduled maintenance and inspection will ensure that you catch most maintenance issues before they become huge problems. Keeping your hull clean will also extend the life of your paint.

Reduced Operating Costs –Properly maintaining your vessel will reduce your fuel consumption and therefore your overall operating cost. Up to 70% of a boat’s propulsive energy is needed to overcome hydrodynamic resistance (friction). Barnacles, Algae and other buildup cause drag, which requires the use of more fuel. Keeping the hull and propeller surfaces clean will minimize waste and improve your engine’s fuel efficiency.